Court Booking

Only the Richmond location is available for court booking:

10611 Hidden lake ln, Richmond, TX 77406

Text: 832-794-7465 for more information
Our main priority is badminton training but when there are no classes, the courts are available for reservation. The courts are open 24/7 everyday

Check Monthly Schedule here

The fee is per hour/ court

Check Monthly Schedule here

  • Maximum of 6 players per court for 1 hour. In case, there are more than 6 players, we require players to book 2 courts, or book minimum of 1.5 hours.
  • Cancellation Rule: 2 days cancellation notice must be sent through text or message at 832-794-7465 and credit can be transfered for future booking. There is no refund for no show or cancellation without 2 day cancellation notice  
  • If you are by yourself and want to join the group, please text +1 (607) 737-1655. We do not offer open play.

Booking court step by step

  1. Text 832-794-7465 your desired time and how long you would like to book. For example: ” This is Peter, I would like to book the court from 2pm-4pm on 8/10/2021 (Monday). “
  2. Wait for confirmation.
    1. Approved: Hi Peter! I would like to confirm your court on 8/10/2020 from 5-7pm
    2. in case of unavailability, we will give you an alternative time: Hi Peter! the courts are not available during 5-7pm on 8/10/2020. We have courts available from 3-5pm and 7-10pm. Please let me know if you like to take any of those times.
    3. Waiver Form must be submitted before using the facility. You can fill it out online here
  3. If you like to block the court for regular times with monthly upfront payment, please fill the Blocking court form here (credit card required)
Birdie Feeding Machine Rental is $45/hour.  (not available at the moment) Check the VDO here 

Check the court calendar here

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