High Performance Programs




Training with USA Badminton High Performance Coach, BOYD TAHTAT

Mission Statement

To develop a generation of enthusiastic and committed badminton players to compete and win local and USAB tournaments by providing first-class training with high performance coaches in a dedicated badminton facility.


  • Learn
    • Tournament strategies and professional techniques
    • Mental control and toughness
    • Health and fitness concepts (e.g., endurance, balance, power, and agility)
    • To work in a competitive and team environment
    • Discipline, responsibility and respect for oneself and others
  • Improve and Develop
    • Hand skills and techniques to reduce risk of injury and efficiency of movement (conserve energy)
    • Advanced game strategies, including a strong mental game
    • Self-discipline and sportsmanship
    • Physical and mental strength

Fall Training Schedule (2 hours/session) Starting on August 17th, 2020

*Students will be placed in their appropriate level that evaluated by the coach

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Training Fees (includes court fee, walk-in fee, and training shuttlecocks)

*Parents without membership can purchase a day pass for 50% off during their child’s training.

*Registration fee of $50 applied 

 Option 1: Monthly Subscription (2x/week) 
No: of Sessions/WeekFee/Session1Total Monthly Payment2 
Makeup classes are available within a week of the missed class.

Option 2: Monthly Subscription (3x/week)
No: of Sessions/WeekFee/Session1Total Monthly Payment2 
Makeup classes are available within a week of the missed class.

Option 3: Monthly Subscription (4x/week)
No: of Sessions/WeekFee/Session1Total Monthly Payment2 
Makeup classes are not available for this option.

Monthly Subscriptions

1 Calculated based on a 30-day month to factor in facility closures due to tournaments, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day

2 Automatic renewals on credit card or 3 month for check payment

For 2x/week: It is expected to maintain the set two days each week (e.g., Wednesdays and Saturdays). Rescheduling must adhere to the procedure listed below (24-hour cancellation) and a makeup class to be scheduled for within 2 weeks. An additional session may be added at the rate of $35/session.

Monthly Subscription Holds: With advance notice, the monthly subscription can be placed on hold for vacation up to twice/year.


  • Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to class in order to warm up (i.e., jogging).
  • Any discussions between parents and coaches can occur prior or after class.
  • Parents must maintain some distance from the training area in order to reduce distraction for students and coaches.
  • Training fee needs to be paid in full on or before the first class in a calendar month.
  • 10$ late fee applied for late payment.  
  • Makeup class must be scheduled within the same calendar month of your absence and with 24 hour cancellation online.
  • There is NO refund or make up classes for the absence without 24 hour cancellation online. Here is how to cancel the class and book a makeup class online 


Refunds are allowed only  if the request is received at least two days prior to the start of the program. No refunds or credits will be allowed after the start of the session and no refunds for unexcused absences. 


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