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What includes in our programs


  • Correct skills and techniques for badminton (e.g., proper footwork and strokes)
  • Health and fitness concepts (e.g., endurance and agility)
  • To work in a competitive and team environment
  • To make progress through hard work and positive reinforcement
  • Discipline, responsibility and respect for oneself and others
  • Professional techniques and Game strategies
  • Mental control and toughness

Improve and Develop

  • Hand skills and techniques to reduce risk of injury and efficiency of movement
  • Advanced game strategies, including a strong mental game
  • Self-discipline and sportsmanship
  • Physical and mental strength
  • Hand-eye coordination and
  • Basic and advanced game strategies
  • Mental focus and discipline
  • Overall health and fitness


  • A socially and physically active lifestyle through the sport of badminton

Junior Training Programs

Adult Class

Private Lesson

Camps/ Clinics

High Performance Program