Head Coach

Our Advisory Coaches

Coach Peeraphol (Tony) Somphopcharoen

  • High Respected coach from Bangkok, Thailand
  • Thailand National Coach from 2016 to present
  • Many of world class players and champions are trained by him: Pornpawee Choochuwong (top 10 in the world), Adulrach Namkul (top 100 in the world), Kittinupong Kedren (Junior National Champion), and etc.


Coach Yingqi Yu

  • Highly Respected player and certified coach from Dandong, China
  • Champions in many senior and master tournaments in China and USA


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Coach Russell

Badminton started out as a fun little hobby with my parents. One day, my uncle told us about Houston Badminton Center and their summer program, so I decided to give it a try. After some time, I was put into the high performance training and was set out to compete in junior national badminton tournaments. As a player coached by Coach Boyd, I was able to develop a newer mindset of badminton by playing with a better strategy rather than playing with pure strength. Some of the programs the coaches use involve weight lifting to increase our power and endurance, while others focused more on being more consistent with our shots. Then, at the end of training, we would usually have a small session dedicated to playing games with each other to develop more experience and to get more familiar with our skills on the court, rather than in training. Being a player who had began training at an older age put me at a disadvantage against other players who had been training for much longer, but with the skills I had at the time, I was able to reach 35th in the United States in my age group.