Coach Boyd is a phenomenal coach and a great person to be around. I really admire him as a player, as well as his patience  and  dedication to help students improve. Coach Boyd is also very understanding and designs drills to help you personally. He pushes his students past their limits in an encouraging manner because he believes in his students more than they believe in themselves. He never gives up on his students and teaches them valuable lessons on and off the court to develop them into a better player and a better person in general. For the past few years I have been training with Coach Boyd, I have improved significantly thanks to his efforts. 

Vincent Lai

Under 19 Boy’s singles no:1 in Texas in 2018-2019

Coach Boyd puts in the time to make sure his students improve both on court and off court. He encourages his students to be the best that they can be. His drive towards badminton helps make his students have a better experience in playing. When he coaches, he creates certain drills that adapt to your strengths and weaknesses. His motivation compels the effort he puts in to making sure that his students improve. I started when out at the very basic level where I couldn’t hit the bird for anything. He put in the time and the patience to make sure that i was learning. Out of my 4 years that I have trained with him, he has only done his best to make sure that I learn something new and improve within every lesson i took. The hard work he puts on court shows how passionate he is about this sport.

Wilson Lim
Under 15 and 17 Boy’s Doubles no:1 in Texas in 2018- 2019



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