Vincent Lai

Under 19 Boy’s singles no:1 in Texas in 2018-2019

Coach Boyd is a phenomenal coach and a great person to be around. I really admire him as a player, as well as his patience  and  dedication to help students improve. Coach Boyd is also very understanding and designs drills to help you personally. He pushes his students past their limits in an encouraging manner because he believes in his students more than they believe in themselves. He never gives up on his students and teaches them valuable lessons on and off the court to develop them into a better player and a better person in general. For the past few years I have been training with Coach Boyd, I have improved significantly thanks to his efforts. 

Alick Yu

Major Titles: 

2019 Shannon Pohl Open Regional Championship U19 MD Gold 

2020 Houston Closed Regional Championship U19 MS & MD Gold

Highest Ranking:

Rank 3 for MS & MD

Dedication, hard-working, and unyielding. These three adjectives instantly come to mind when describing Coach Boyd. He is both an extremely dedicated athlete and coach. Students can feel his passion when listening to him explain badminton to them. Not only is he extremely dedicated, but he is also very hard-working for his students. Even when Coach Boyd is not coaching, he is still thinking of ways to help his students improve. This shows how his students are always on his mind. Being one of his more stubborn students, I can definitely say Coach Boyd never gives up on any student. Though I did not taste major success until my 4th year of competing, never did Coach Boyd give up on me once throughout the countless mistakes I have made. He kept his patience with me and gave me his famous smile the day I finally won my first major tournament. 

Wilson Lim
Under 15 and 17 Boy’s Doubles no:1 in Texas in 2018- 2019

Coach Boyd puts in the time to make sure his students improve both on court and off court. He encourages his students to be the best that they can be. His drive towards badminton helps make his students have a better experience in playing. When he coaches, he creates certain drills that adapt to your strengths and weaknesses. His motivation compels the effort he puts in to making sure that his students improve. I started when out at the very basic level where I couldn’t hit the bird for anything. He put in the time and the patience to make sure that i was learning. Out of my 4 years that I have trained with him, he has only done his best to make sure that I learn something new and improve within every lesson i took. The hard work he puts on court shows how passionate he is about this sport.

Vimala Nair 

Girls singles 2018-2019 U15 Texas State Champion

Junior National Rank 2019 U15 Singles -17th

Highest Junior National Rank U15 Girls singles-11th

Being a badminton player can come with it’s challenges. However Coach Boyd has helped many students, including myself  overcome these challenges and shape them into some of the best badminton players. Dedication, perseverance, kindness, and a strong determination to push and encourage students to do their best! All qualities present in Coach Boyd so he can prepare his students for tournaments, as well as the real world. In the years I have trained with him, I have learned the importance of each lesson and observed the hard work he puts into mentoring his students. You can tell by the way he carefully plans drills; he cares about the students and how he can best allow their skills to develop. He also thinks about how to challenge his students to better themselves even when they are at the top . When I started I had no faith that I could be the person I am today. Coach Boyd has coached me into an amazing player and helped me believe in myself. I will always remember him saying that badminton is about hard work and dedication, but even with those things in mind  remember to always stay humble. Through his coaching he has helped many students succeed and bring out the best in themselves.