CRC Tournament Prep Camp

Tha goal of this camp is to prepare our players to be ready and perform at their best. With our 5 days camp during Spring break, we will make sure that we do whatever it takes to get our players play at their best.

The camp includes:

  • Game strategies
  • How to prepare before the tournaments and how to properly warm up to be ready to compete
  • Techniques on how to win and think like champions
  • Correction on doubles rotation, shot selections for all events (doubles, Mixed doubles, and singles)
  • Tips on how to win and do base on the game situation and opponent strengths and weaknesses
  • Neew birdies for games
  • ETC

Date:3/14/22 to 3/18/22

Time: 1-4pm (3 hours)

Fee: $300/week or $75/day

Payment methods: Zelle, Venmo, Cash

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