Winter Camps

Join us for our Winter Badminton Camp at Houston Badminton Academy!

Starting December 19, we will hold our Winter Badminton Camp, where students will learn the basic badminton skills from our world class coaches in a variety of fun and engaging exercises, including shots such as clear, smash, drop, and net and the footworks that will help players efficiently navigate through the court. Our camp also focuses on teaching proper sportsmanship and discipline to help students grow as a positive and healthy person

  • Learn
    • Correct skills and techniques for badminton (e.g., proper footwork and grip)
    • Health and fitness concepts (e.g., endurance and agility)
    • To work in a competitive and team environment
    • To make progress through hard work and positive reinforcement
    • Discipline, responsibility and respect for oneself and others
  • Improve and Develop
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Basic and advanced game strategies, including a strong mental game
  • Enjoy
    • A socially and physically active lifestyle through the sport of badminton

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Winter Camp

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