Performance Summer Camp

Students will be paused from the High Performance and Elite training program during this program unless students request to continue with it during the summer

Goal: To advance the students’ performance through consistent training with the right group (same or similar level of players)

What is the difference from this program VS High performance program?

1. Consistency of the level of players. Everyone in the program will be of similar levels and will learn advanced techniques together with follow-ups and review after each class
2. Advanced techniques will be implemented in the programs, such as cross nets, slice drops, reverse slice drops, and mid-court and front-court push, etc.
3. Game strategies, mental toughness, and self-control will be taught
4. Students will do weight-lift training (body weight for students under 13 years of age)
5. Endurance, cardio, agility training and stretching will be included
6. Students expected to improve 2 to 3 times faster than regular training
7. We offer one day of game play where kids will only play while coaches monitor and analyze for a specialized program the week after

Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to class in order to warm up (i.e., jogging).
Any discussions between parents and coaches can occur prior or after class.
Parents must maintain some distance from the training area in order to reduce distraction for students and coaches.
Training fee needs to be paid in full on or before the first class
$60 late fee applied for late payment.
Makeup class must be scheduled within the week of your absencewith 24 hour cancellation online to maintain to minimum 7 hours on court training requirement
There are no carryovers or extensions for makeup classes
There is NO refund or make up classes for absences without 24 hour cancellation online. Here is how to cancel the class and book a makeup class online

Guarantee Results!

Time: May 29th – August 25th, 2022